Garage Door Openers Agoura Hills, CA

Let Us Help You Choose The Right Opener for Your Garage Door

Target Garage Doors in Agoura Hills, CA is happy to give you advice on the best garage door opener to suit your needs.  Based on your housing layout, temperatures, and weight of garage door can affect which opener you should choose.

There are 3 different types of Garage Door Openers:

  • Belt Drive Model – smooth and quiet, this model runs on a rubber belt. Belt drive models are the perfect choice if you have rooms that are positioned in close proximity to the garage.
  • Chain Drive Model –  runs on a metal chain, performs heavy-lifting, and is most common model of garage door opener used.  Chain drive models can perform heavy-lifting and are very robust and durable.
  • Screw Drive Model – recommended in extreme climates (very hot or cold temperatures) and runs on a threaded steel rod rather than a rubber belt or chain.